Recent Publications


Bassem Fahs, Hussein Kassem, and Adnan Harb, "Equation-Based Phase Noise Optimization Technique for MOS LC-VCOs",  IEEE MELECON 2014, 14–17 April 2014, Beirut, Lebanon.

Mohamad Hajj-Hassan, Adnan Harb, and Hussein Hajj-Hassan, "Bacterial Immobilization and Detection using Porous Silicon Platform and CMOS Sensory Circuit", IEEE ICM 2013, 15 – 18 December 2013, Beirut, Lebanon.

Bassem Fahs, Ali Hage-Diab, and Adnan Harb, "A Compact and Power Efficient UV Dosimeter Design",  IEEE ICM 2013, 15–18 December 2013, Beirut, Lebanon.

Adnan Harb, Amin Hajali, Samih Abdulnabi, and Bassam Hussein, "Automated Course Assessment Used at the Lebanese International University", 9th World Congress on Engineering Education (WCEE2013). October 24-25, 2013, Beirut, Lebanon.

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Bassem Fahs, Adnan Harb, and Hassan Bazzi, "On MOS LC VCOs Oscillation Condition Using The Short-Channel MOS Model Equations", 13th Edition of Mediterranean Microwave Symposium MMS2013. September 2-5, 2013, Saida, Lebanon.

Bassem Fahs, Adnan Harb, and Hassan Bazzi, "Wideband LC-VCO Design For LTE/LTE-A Standards", 13th Edition of Mediterranean Microwave Symposium MMS2013. September 2-5, 2013, Saida, Lebanon.

Amin Hajali, Adnan Harb, Samih Abdulnabi, Hisham Elhage, and Bassam Hussein, "Automated Tools for Multi-Campus University Course Assessment", 4th Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA13) Conference. June 17-20, 2013, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Bassem Fahs, Adnan Harb, Hassan M. Bazzi, and Mohammad M. Mansour, "A Compact Analytic Expression of the Oscillation Amplitude in MOS LC-Oscillator", IEEE ICM 2012, 17 – 20 December 2012, Algiers, Algeria.

Qurban A Memon, Shakeel Khoja, and  Adnan Harb, "Integrating Specialization-Specific area courses’ Assessments for Overall Program Assessment", International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE 2011),Belafst, UK, August 21– 26, 2011.

Riad Saraiji, Adnan Harb, and Mohammad Hamdan, "Performance of LED street light in hot environment", 1st International Conference on Light in Engineering, Architecture and the Environment (Light 2011), Poznan, Poland, 17-19 May 2011. 

Hassan A.N. Hejase, Ali H. Assi, Hassan M. Noura, Rabih Rammal, “Enhancing Awareness on Renewable Energy”, ICRERA’2013, Madrid, Spain.

Rabih Rammal, Ali Assi, "On the Electromagnetic Radiations Measurement", MMS’2013, Saida, Lebanon.


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Adnan Harb, "A Programmable Full Clock Rectifier and Sample-and-Hold Amplifier For Biomedical Applications", Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, VOL. 67, NO. 1 (2011), pp. 89-94. doi:10.1007/s10470-010-9586-1.