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Power Electronics and Electric Drives

Existing Equipment

& Test Bench

PC, CAT-No: 70016; 70002; 70016, 70005, Leybold Didactic COM3LAB: 70220, 3-Phase power supply, 3-phase resistor load, AC/DC Digital Multimeter, Moving-Iron voltmeter/Ammeter, Digital Storage oscilloscope, Switched capacitor load, Variable inductive load, function generator, set of connectors, set of patch leads, lead storage bin, general purpose digital oscilloscope,  Oscilloscope Housing, DC shunt machine, Inetia Wheel, friction brake, DC Tachogenerator, 5-way DIN-DIN Lead, Optical contact Tachometer, Rubber coupling sleeve, DC motor powe supply, RMS meter, pf meter, power meter, bridging plugs, ON/OFF switch 3-phase, panel frame(T-130, two levels and table), Bifilar Wound Motor R 0.3, Capacitor Motor R 0.3, Squirrel Cage Motor 230/400V 0.3, Synchronous Machine SR 0.3, Multi-Function Machine 0.3, Starter 0.3, Star delta switch, Rotor Starter, Motor Protection Switch 1- 1.6 A, Motor Protection Switch 0.6- 1 A, Field Regulator Motor 0.3, Virtual Electrical Machine test System 300 W, Isolation Amplifier, 4 channel, Cat- No : 5692302, 5692352 & 5692002, Cat- No : 70310, 70220, 71100, IBM compatible PC:  (MOMO, FCCP)

Covered Topics

Power diodes and circuits, diode rectifiers, power transistors, DC-DC converters (choppers), DC-AC converters (PWM inverters), thyristors and resonant pulse inverters. It covers DC drives (single phase, three phase and DC-DC converter drives and control of DC drives), AC drives (Induction motor drives, control of induction motors, synchronous motor drives, control of synchronous motors and stepper motor control)  and gate drive circuits.