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Electric and Electronic Circuits

Existing Equipment

& Test Bench

PC, Leybold Didactic COM3LAB: 70011, 70012, 70013 & 70014; 70015 & 70016; 70081, 70075

Oscilloscopes: HAMEG-HM303-6

DC power Supply: AFX-9660SB, DUAL-OUT

Digital Multimeter: HAMEG-HM8012

Set of Potentiometer: 1KΩ…1MΩ, 1/2 Watt

Set of Resistors: 10Ω…1MΩ, 1/2 Watt

Set of Capacitors: 10p,15p, 220pF, 2200pF, 47nF, 470nF, 0.01uF, 0.22uF, 22pF, 1uF, 10uF, 47uF, 220uF, 100uF, 1000uF 2000uF

Cutter wire: Automatic Wire-stripper with cable cutter For all types of wire from 0.2- 6mm2

Transformer 12.6 Vrms Secondary center tapped

Set of LEDs

Set of Diodes: 1N5408 1N4007, 1N4148

Set of Zener Diodes (1N4728 /3.3V 1W, 1N4733 /5.1V 1W,1N4737 /7.5V 1W, 1N4728 /9.1V 1W,  )

BJT BC337,2N3904,2N3906, BC338,2N2222

Set of Bridges (DB 107, 400V 1A 4-pin DIP)

Linear ICs: LM555, LM317, L7805, L7809, L7905, LM741, LM358, LM565

Covered Topics

PC, Inductance, capacitance and mutual inductance, transient response of RL and RC circuits, natural and step responses of RLC circuits. Techniques of AC circuit analysis containing ideal and dependent sources. Sinusoidal steady state power calculations, balanced three phase circuits, frequency selective circuits and two-port networks.

Semiconductor Diodes including Zener diodes and LEDs. Diode Applications including rectification, clipping, clamping, voltage regulation and voltage multiplier circuits. Bipolar Junction Transistors including construction and configurations. DC Biasing of BJT’s, BJT AC analysis including Modeling. Field Effect Transistors including construction and types, FET Biasing, FET Amplifiers.

Feedback and oscillator circuits, active filters, wave generation and shaping. It also covers frequency response of amplifiers, power supplies and power amplifiers.

Modulation of light, display devices, classes of lasers, laser applications, photo detectors, optical fibers: waveguides, connectors and cables