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Electric Machines

Existing Equipment

& Test Bench

PC, CBM10: MOMO program for recording the Electrical machine characteristics-FCCP program for the control of the modular frequency converter.

Cassy-Lab: Software version 1.54, for recording measurement data when a sensor –Cassy connected to USB-port of a computer.

Senor-Cassy; IBM PC; Coupling 0.1/0.3; Coupling Guard 0.3 kw; Shaft end Guard; 3 Phase Supply Unit with FCCB; 3 Phase Supply Unit with FCCB; RMS Meter; Power factor meter; Power meter; Digital hand-held tachometer; Digital Multimeter; Bridging plugs; On /Off Switch three- poles; Panel Frame-T130,Two level and table; Panel Frame-T150,Two level and table; DC Multifunction Machine 0.3; Bifilar wound Motor R 0.3; Capacitor Motor R 0.3; Squirrel Cage Motor 230/400V 0.3; Synchronous Machine SR 0.3; Multi-Function Machine 0.3; Star delta switch; Rotor Starter; Motor Protection Switches; Resistive Loads; capacitive Load; Inductive Loads; Field Regulator Motor 0.3; Field Regulator Generator 0.3; Virtual Electrical Machine test System 300 W; Single phase Transformer 0.3; Single phase Toroidal Core Transformer 0.3; Single phase Auto Transformer 0.3; 3- phase Transformer 0.3; Variable Low Voltage Transformer; Isolation Amplifier, 4 channel; Digital Storage Oscilloscope 507

Covered Topics

DC motors; Classification, losses, efficiency, characteristics and applications. Control of DC motors; Speed control, braking, DC motor starters; The polyphase induction motor; Principles and construction, synchronous speed, torques, equivalent circuit, power relationships and the linear induction motor. Starting, control and testing of induction motors. Synchronous Generators; Principles and construction, equivalent circuit, tests, power and torque expression and parallel operation of alternators. Synchronous motors; Principles and construction, starting, equivalent circuit, power expression and power factor correction, and a comparison with induction motors. Single phase induction motor; construction, equivalent circuit, starting and testing.

Induction, Synchronous three-phase machines, and single-phase induction machines as well as special purpose machines. Analysis and calculations for finding the voltage regulation and efficiency of those machines