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Computer Interfacing and Sensors

Existing Equipment

& Test Bench

PC, LabVIEW Item code: 779678-01, 779320-22

Leybold Didactic COM3LAB: 70075, Oscilloscope, DIGIAC 1750, DC power supply 5V – 12V, DC Voltmeter 200mV to 20V, DC Current meter 1mA to 100mA, Resistors, Heater Element, LM335 unit in K thermocouple, Platinum RTD, NTC Thermometers, PIN Photodiode (BPX 65), Photovoltaic Cell (MS5B), Phototransistor (MEL12), Photoconductive Cell (1MΩ to 400Ω),  Incandescent Lamp Filament, LVDT ( o/p voltage 10mV/mm)

Covered Topics

Signal pre-conditioners, ADC's, DAC. Programming the basic mathematical and physical functions. Applications on the basic LabVIEW structures. Applications using arrays, strings and clusters. Interfacing and processing of real time signals.

Thermistors, thermocouples, gas thermometers, vapor pressure thermometers, liquid expansion thermometers, solid state temperature sensors, position sensors, velocity sensors, acceleration sensors, strain sensors, force and pressure sensors, torque sensors, flow sensors, photo detectors, pyrometers, light and infrared sensors, touch and tactile sensors and proximity sensors.